Ant Antic – Yellow Press

“Yellow Press” is the second single from Ant Antic’s upcoming second album “Good Vids, Vile Times”. Expanding on the ideas set out in the previous single “Slow Down”, the vibe is now distinctively more melancholic and laid-back. Again, the song’s main theme is an outright serious one. In a brutally honest and relatable way, the Berlin-based artist observes how it feels to begin advertising his own life to other people.

“I’m a bag of hot air”, singer and producer Tobias Koett admits, quick to add “Feel like a millionaire”. In a monologue to a person he loves, he consistently stays in the role of an imposter, knowing that his vis-à-vis can’t be fooled by any show he puts on and sees the emptiness behind the facade. Emotionally numbed from an overabundance of junk information, he’s trying to catch the attention of the humans around him with the real-life equivalent of clickbait. Behind the meticulously crafted presentation, however, the relentless wheels of the attention economy have crushed everything there is, leaving nothing but emptiness and anxiety.