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DJ Phekt

having started his journey as a hip hop dj and graffiti artist in the early 90s, DJ Phekt quickly  made himself a name as one of the key figures in austria’s hip hop scene. affiliated with the legendary tonträger records label from linz, he released music with his partner-in-rhyme as kayo & phekt and was also part of upper-austrian rap pioneers markante handlungen.

later he was touring with german rapper fiva, performing hundreds of shows at clubs, festivals & tv-shows all over europe, and beyond. a grand total of 25 years of playing records took him to mumbai, moscow, tel aviv, san francisco and of course every single corner of his home country, austria.

during the day, he is a producer, radio journalist and co-host for the radio show FM4 Tribe Vibes on austrian public radio station FM4.
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